July 2019 meetup

Matt Trentini provided the news roundup, Oliver Robson gave a demo of his MicroPython C Stub Generator and Damien George talked about the MicroPython Performance Test Suite.

News roundup

M5Stack M5stick-V

  • M5Stack released the M5stick-V
  • Amazing hardware
    • Kendryte K210 RISC-V processor
      • Dual-core 64bit 400MHz
      • Machine learning support
    • 8MB RAM, 16MB flash
    • 135x240 1.14” IPS display
    • OV7740 camera - 640x480 30fps
    • MicroSD, buttons, speaker, mic, 6-axis IMU, 200mAh
  • Partnered with Sipeed for MaixPy
  • US$26.50

ESP32-S2, Espressif IPO

MicroPython on the W600

Random Nerd Tutorials


  • First there was the Tomu, then the Fomu, the Somu is coming…
  • And now the Femu?


  • David Haines has built a Gif2LED system on MicroPython
  • Web server is built on MicroWebSrv
    • By Jean-Christophe Bos
  • Handles animated gifs!

Logo on M5Stack

MicroPython: Send data to Google Sheets

MicroPython C Stub Generator

Oliver gave a demo on his MicroPython C Stub Generator. It’s a web-based tool that allows you to specify definitions for functions that you’d like to expose from a MicroPython C Module. The tool generates all the important boilerplate that defines the entry points, method registration and parameter conversions required when bridging that C<->MicroPython gap. Super useful if you need to drop in to C but expose a nice interface to MicroPython!

MicroPython Performance Test Suite

Damien devliered a talk based on the recently added Performance Test Suite. Measure the performance of any MicroPython hardware!

Written on July 24, 2019