October 2018 meetup

Matt presented the usual news roundup.

News: Matt Trentini

  • The OHS Badge is an interesting, MicroPython-driven badge with E-ink developed for the OHS conference attendees
  • The Blyst Nano, a tiny NRF52 board, is seeking funding on Crowd Supply
    • There is an NRF52 port of MicroPython, shouldn’t take much tweaking to run on this module
  • The ESP32-CAM, a small ESP32-powered 2MP camera module is now available
    • Should run standard MicroPython though there’s currently no known camera driver that would work…
  • The Air602 is a Cortex-M3 micro with wifi support crammed into a tiny castellated module
    • No MicroPython port yet and could be difficult as there is a lack of documentation
    • Especially remarkable for the low price (<$2)
  • Espressif announced their support for Alexa on ESP32
    • Makes it easier to create Alexa skills for ESP32. Currently just C-API support and only on Lyra boards.
  • Bluetooth update: Matt has tried to pull together all the individual parties working on MicroPython Bluetooth API’s but it’s difficult
  • Make: Electronics 2018 Humble Book Bundle was a good-value set of books for budding electronics enthusiasts - but it’s expired now! Sorry if you missed out.
  • M5Stack M5Stick first-batch announced
    • ESP32 with small OLED, battery and optional accelerometer. Small, neat and cheap.
  • TinyPICO update: Rev 4 just assembled
    • Improved WiFi (3D antenna) and APA102 on-board now. Experimenting with adding PSRAM. Small, very capable PICO ESP32 dev board!
  • MicroPython documentation update
    • Big improvement: Damien reorganised the documentation so it’s no longer port-centric
    • Now the documentation is generic-first with links to port-specific docs
    • Should encourage more generic implementations
    • Matt is personally keen to begin the ESP32 documentation effort…
  • UI libraries
    • We have the Loboris port and Peter Hinch’s micropython-nano-gui but there’s room for improvement here
    • Matt is considering working on a MicroPython GUI library - particularly to support the 320x240 display of the M5Stack
    • If you’d like to help out please get in touch!
  • Python (not Micro) update
    • 3.7.1 and 3.6.7 were released
Written on October 24, 2018