September 2019 meetup

Matt Trentini discussed the latest and greatest MicroPython news and Andrew Leech showed us how he’s set up a Gitlab CI system to build every MicroPython port in less than ten minutes.

News roundup

Sad day

  • Left my box of hardware on the train
  • ~80 microcontrollers are touring Melbourne on our train network


  • CCHS BBQ Oct 6th
  • AI cars outreach day Dec 28th

Building an IoT Server with Flask and Python

  • Tutorial from Peter Kazarinoff
    • Details how to measure temperature and send it to a server in the cloud
  • End-to-end
    • Cloud server, running flask/SQLite
    • ESP8266 with temp sensor

PineTime watch

  • Pine64 make interesting hardware, particularly SBC’s
    • Good track-record of working with developers
  • Recently announced a watch is coming
    • Currently nRF52832 but considering nRF52840
    • Seem to be aiming to interest developers
    • Aiming for US$25

MicroPython Binding



  • Electronut Labs released Blip on Crowd Supply
    • nRF52840: 256KB RAM, 1MB flash - and BLE
    • Zephyr, Arduino, CircuitPython…
    • Sensors: Accelerometer, light, humidity/temp, debugger
    • Optional shields: ePaper and Gaming
    • US$55 + US$8 shipping

Microsoft: Python for Beginners

  • Python for Beginners video series by Microsoft
    • Set of 44 (!) videos, free, on YouTube
    • Looks like good quality, quite in-depth

Sparkfun Artemis port

  • Michael Welling on Twitter:
    • “I have a start on a Micropython port for the Artemis if you are interested”
  • Released on Github overnight…
  • Specs
    • Cortex M4F, 96MHz, BLE, 48 GPIO, 31 PWM, FCC certified
    • Modules: US$8.95
    • Boards: US$15-25

CCCamp2019 Badge

  • Dual core M4F, 96MHz, 512KB, 1+8MB Flash
  • ECG, accelerometer/gyro, temp/humidity, RGB LEDs, display
  • MicroPython
  • Excellent documentation
  • Hackaday article
  • Cannot yet be bought for love nor money


  • “I do think MicroPython is the future for embedded electronics”
  • “…I think Python has already managed to vanquish its challengers”

Gitlab Continuous Integration for MicroPython

Andrew demonstrated his Gitlab Continuous Integration system that builds every port of MicroPython in under ten minutes. Impressive!

Written on September 25, 2019