October 2019 meetup

Matt Trentini delivered the news roundup and Damien George talked about a mixed bag of topics including the Code of Conduct, BLE, Manifest files and Boards for the ESP32.

News roundup

PyLadies Workshop

  • Delivered a MicroPython Starter Workshop to the PyLadies
    • Was a fantastic experience!
  • First time we’ve been through our MicroPython Workshop material
  • Intent is that this can be used by any beginner
    • With documentation that is clear
  • Hardware ‘kit’ needs to be cheap ($25)
    • TTGO ESP32, RGB LED Shield
    • More shields available to purchase
    • Shields for simplicity


  • Pycom are in the middle of a global tour to promote their products
    • The Melbourne session was Monday, entry included a FiPy
  • My take-home…
    • Some really nice hardware (all sorts of RF interfaces!)
    • Demos were underwhelming
    • VS Code plugin was problematic
    • Some interesting ideas: pybytes in particular
    • Their license is a deal-breaker for me

Adafruit New Products

  • Feather STM32F405 Express
    • Runs MicroPython, CircuitPython soon
    • Limor submitted the PR to support the board
    • Out of stock…
  • nRF52840 Itsy Bitsy
    • “Coming Soon”, nearly done
    • Should be an excellent small BLE-capable dev board

Lessons learned from building a CircuitPython board

  • Thea Flowers has a nice blog post discussing lessons learned
  • Valuable read if you’re wanting to make your own hardware
    • Particularly for Micro/CircuitPython


  • Hot off the press (today)!
  • MicroWebSrv2
    • A new version of Jean-Christophe Bos’ (jczic) Web Server for MicroPython
  • Features
    • Asynchronous architecture, SSL/TLS, web routes, web sockets module, template system, good documentation

Seeed Studio: RISC-V

  • Doubling down on RISC-V
  • Sipeed Longan Nano
    • RISC-V GD32VF103: 128KB flash, 32KB RAM
    • 160x80 IPS display
    • US$4.90
  • Wio Lite with ESP8266
    • Feather form factor, wifi
    • US$6.90
  • Also stocking Sipeed K210-based boards


  • MicroPython driver for the RA8875
    • Allows TFT displays of 800x480
    • Also: Resistive touch
    • Port of a CircuitPython library

MicroPython Taking photos with an ESP32

Mauro Riva: Taking photos with an ESP32

MicroPython C Module Documentation

  • Micropython-usermod on Read the Docs
    • By Zoltán Vörös - thanks!
    • An excellent resource if you want to build a C module for MicroPython!
    • Covers: argument parsing, classes, iterables, error handling

CoC, BLE, Manifest FIles and Boards for ESP32

Damien talked about a mixed bag of topics including the Code of Conduct, BLE, Manifest files and Boards for the ESP32.

Written on October 23, 2019