November 2019 meetup

Matt Trentini covered the latest MicroPython news, Peter van der Berg explained how he’s used MicroPython to power his latest art project and Damien George gives us the low-down on LittleFS - it’s coming to MicroPython!

News roundup


  • Kickstarter, delivered!
  • Tech
    • STM32F777, 32MB RAM, 32MB Flash (+2MB)
    • ESP32 coprocessor for WiFi/BLE
    • Battery charging
    • Feather form factor
  • Designed to run .NET
  • Now runs MicroPython!
  • US$50


  • Pine64 caused a stir with PineTime
  • US$25 watch seems popular!
  • I suggested MicroPython should be ported to it…
  • Could use some help!
  • Nordic NRF52832, 64KB RAM, 512KB Flash
    • That part is in good shape
  • Peripherals
    • ST7789 240x240 IPS display
    • Power management
    • SPI Flash 8MB
    • Touchpad CST816S
    • Accelerometer BMA421
    • Heart rate sensor HRS3300

Black Pill

  • First there was the Blue Pill
    • STM32F103: ARM M3 72MHz, 20KB RAM, 64KB Flash
    • Very popular in the Arduino community - cheap! US$2
    • A little underpowered for MicroPython
  • Enter, the Black Pill
    • STM32F411: M4 100MHz, 128KB RAM, 512KB Flash
    • Still cheap, US$4
    • Optional external flash (up to 16MB)
    • Board definitions under development


  • W600
    • Cheap board with Wifi
    • M3, 300KB RAM, 1MB Flash
    • ESP8266 competitor
    • AU$3.12
  • 2.4” TFT
    • 320x240 display with resistive touchscreen
    • Fits the D1 mini form factor
    • AU$8.70

PyLadies ‘homework’

  • Bouncing ball!

OpenMV H7

  • Big update
  • Update to MicroPython 1.11
  • Tensorflow support
  • Built-in person detection
  • Also tentatively announced a new board
  • STM32H743, 32MB RAM, 32MB flash, 5MP cam

CircuitPython 5.0.0 beta

  • Big update coming from Adafruit
    • improvements (greyscale OLDE, e-paper)
    • BLE
    • STM32F4
    • Sony Sprense
    • PWM audio

Pull requests

  • ESP32 RMT
  • LittleFS is in mainline
  • Rewrite of Asyncio
  • BLE documentation has improved

Natural Sequence or Fabricated: MicroPython-powered art

Peter discussed his latest art installation for the City of Whittlesea’s SOS Annual Art Exhibition

LittleFS integration for MicroPython

Damien explains and demonstrates recent additions to MicroPython to provide LittleFS integration. LittleFS is a lightweight, highly robust filesystem designed for embedded use.

Written on November 27, 2019