May 2019 meetup

Matt delivered the news roundup, Lachlan and Brian give an amazing demonstration of the Propeller 2 microcontroller.

News roundup

Hardware to tinker with tonight

  • Blyst Nano
  • OpenMV Cam H7
  • Self-balancing Bala
  • Fomu
  • Papyr
  • PyBoard D
  • I2CDriver (and SPIDriver)

Season of Docs

  • MicroPython has applied to Google for their first Season of Docs
  • Unfortunately the application wasn’t successful :(
  • Read our proposal
  • Good news: We now have some clear direction where to take the documentation

MicroPython video tutorials

PyCon AU 2019

  • August 2-6 @ ICC Sydney
  • Talks to be announced 2 June
  • There have been at least a few MicroPython talks submitted…fingers crossed!

PyCon 2019

MicroPython on SAMD

  • Microchip SAMD make a popular range of microcontrollers
    • Adafruit make many boards using these
    • SAMD21 - low power ARM Cortex M0
    • SAMD51 - ARM Cortex M4
  • Damien has taken the first steps toward a port
    • MicroPython on Trinket M0 and ItsyBitsy M4
    • TinyUSB port underway

New ESP32-S2

  • Announcement and Hackaday
  • New core - better FP - but only one
  • More GPIO (42), more cap touch (14)
  • No Bluetooth
  • Less RAM (320KB)
  • USB support
  • LCD and Camera support
  • Security features (AES, RSA)
  • Aiming to be cheaper

CircuitPython 4.0.0

  • Huge release, congrats to the CircuitPython folks!
  • Big ticket items
    • Nordic nRF52840
    • Displayio
    • USB MIDI
    • Multiple language support


  • ‘Shazz’ saw Damien’s talk on wrapping a C module that used Nano JPEG
    • Which ultimately didn’t work since Nano JPEG used a lot of memory
  • PicoJPEG is a small library designed to work on microcontrollers
  • Shazz published a repo that has a new module wrapping PicoJPEG!


  • Pimoroni folks
  • STM32H750 400MHz, 1MB SRAM
  • 32MB Flash
  • 320x240 display, speaker, buttons, joystick, accelerometer, battery
  • AU$120 (beta) AU$175

Adafruit PyGamer

  • Adafruit PyGamer
  • SAMD51@120MHz
  • 8MB Flash
  • 160x128 display
  • Accelerometer, light sensor
  • US$40

Nordic Dev Board

  • 256KB RAM, 1MB Flash
  • USB
  • Bluetooth
  • US$10

US$14 ESP32 VGA/mouse/keyboard…

  • HackerNews
  • TTGO driving prices right down
  • Weird collection of hardware
  • VGA, PS2 connectors
  • 4MB QSPI flash/8MB PSRAM
  • Games - demos available


  • Currently atmega328
  • But could squeeze anything in there!

Propeller 2 Microcontroller

Take a look as Lachlan and Brian explain what a Parallax Propeller 2 microcontroller is and demonstrate what it can do.

The unique capabilities of this chipset are discussed in detail - users of the Propeller 1 are going to love this deep dive!

MicroPython would really help to unlock the power of this chipset…

Written on May 22, 2019