June 2019 meetup

Matt presented a news roundup and Seon Rozenblum discussed some of the trials and tribulations of manufacturing TinyPICO (unrecorded).

News roundup

MicroPython on SAMD

  • Damien has raised PR #4863
  • A first-cut at MicroPython on SAMD
    • The micro family used in many Adafruit boards
    • Not a lot of features, yet
      • REPL over USB serial
    • SAMD 21 and 51 (M0 and M4)

Obsidian ESP32

  • Thomas McKahan has started a campaign for his Obsidian ESP32
    • ESP32 in a Raspberry Pi form factor
    • WROOM-B: 16MB Flash, 8MB RAM
    • Use RPi ‘Hats’
  • Available on Crowd Supply
    • $US35 + SH


  • Jos Velinden released micropython-stubber
  • A set of tools, libraries and configuration to improve VS Code
    • For MicroPython use
    • Stubs out MicroPython specific libraries, tidies up pylint, provides intellisense


  • hackaBLE is a small nRF52832 dev board
    • Breadboard or castellate
    • Requires a programming probe
    • Can run Micro or Circuit Python
  • From Electronut Labs
    • Who used similar tech for Papyr
  • Available on Tindie for US$17

Fomu in the wild

  • Starting to see Fomu’s in the wild…
  • …like this one running MicroPython on a RISC-V softcore!
  • What’s a Fomu?
    • A Lattice FPGA running in a Tomu form factor
    • What’s Tomu?
      • A microcontroller that fits inside a USB port

Giant Board

  • The Giant Board is a Linux-capable FeatherWing
    • SAMA5D2 Cortex-A5 500MHz
    • 128MB RAM, micro SD
  • Pick one up from Crowd Supply for US$50-80

TTGO watch

  • TTGO have released an ESP32-powered watch
  • Decent specs
    • 16MB flash, 8MB PSRAM
    • Accelerometer, RTC clock
    • 240x240 touchscreen
    • Micro SD, battery and charge circuit
  • US$40

ESP32 MicroPython Webcam

FemtoBeacon ESP32-D2WD

  • The FemtoBeacon is a tiny ESP32 based board
    • Can’t overstate how small it is!
  • 2MB Flash, 500KB RAM
  • A PICO-D4 version is coming too…
  • Available on Tindie, US$30

PyCon AU 2019

Roadmap for Next Release


  • Successful campain!
  • Seon to give a quick overview…
Written on June 26, 2019