April 2024 Meetup

Matt has a bumper News Round-up!

News Round-up


MicroPython v1.23 Release


It’s taking a little longer than expected, but the v1.23 release is shaping up to be a big one! Check out the release-1.23.0 milestone for the current status.

Still to resolve: IPv6, PyScript issues and USB Device support.

CircuitPython 9.0


Congrats to our CircuitPython ‘cousins’ who have ust released version 9.0! Some very cool additions, including USB Host, synthio updates, as well as merging in MicroPython 1.21. (Ed: 9.0.4 is the latest bugfix release at the time of writing)

Espressif acquires majority stake in M5Stack

Espressif and M5Stack

In a press release, Espressif announced they were investing in a majority share of M5Stack. And M5Stack maintain that ‘nothing changes’ in how they operate.

Renesas buys Altium

Renesas Altium

Japanese chip manufacturer Renesas plans to acquire PCB deisgn software Altium for A$9.1 billion (!).

eeNews: Renesas to buy PCB design software firm Altium for US$5.9 billion

Arduino Days


Arduino Days was a three-day event talking about all things Arduino - which, these days, includes a lot of MicroPython stuff.

Everything was live streamed and is available on YouTube.

Matt’s New hardware

M5Stack care package


STM32U083RC Nucleo


Super low power but with a Cortex-M0 @56MHz, 256KB flash and 40KB RAM it should be a decent device for MicroPython!

Gurgle Word Clock

The Gurgle Word Clock is the first kit by the Gurgle folks and provides all the parts you need to create a beautiful Word Clock, where words are lit by a NeoPixel panel to display the time.

Gurgle Apps Word Clock

The kit can be purchased complete or in parts, and the 3D models and MicroPython software are open source.

It’s such a fantastic little project! I think it will be of particular interest to parents looking to build a relatively simple STEM project with their teen child…or if you just want an attractive Word Clock!

Hardware News

STM32 Summit

STMicro Logo

Lots of news!

  • Beefier STM32C0’s. Cheap.
    • Up to 256KB flash, 36KB RAM
  • A new series: U0. Super low power, affordable.
    • Up to 256KB flash, 40KB RAM
  • Beefier U5’s. Low power and powerful.
    • Graphics acceleration (incl vector), 3-4MB RAM
  • Beefier H7’s. Super powerful.
    • Also graphics acceleration, 600MHz
  • New WBA55. H5 core + radio
    • 100MHz, radio good for BLE, Matter, Zigbee
  • MP2. Two worlds, combined
    • 64bit Linux core + Cortex M33
    • Good match for OpenAMP?

Other big topics:

  • AI at the edge
    • Including STM32N6
  • Security

Embedded Open Source Summit

Build Wireless Products Faster with Zephyr and MicroPython

Build Wireless Products Faster with Zephyr and MicroPython - Ryan Erickson

Video: See the recorded livestream from ~7:34.

Really interesting; runs MicroPython as a module in Zephyr, provides Zephyr filesystem to MicroPython and allows access to C drivers. Slightly different perspective to the MicroPython Zephyr port, though there is a lot that could be reused.

Rust vs MicroPython

Rust vs MicroPython

Kevin McAleer dons the fire-proof vest Code Wars: Rust vs MicroPython

MicroPython Flipper Zero

MicroPython on Flipper Zero

Run MicroPython as an application on the Flipper Zero with mp-flipper. (Unless you’re in Canada!)

Raspberry Pi Pico W Lessons for Absolute Beginners

RPi Pico W Lessons

Paul McWhorter continues to release lessons on the RPi Pico W. His first was over a year ago and he’s just published #66 - with another 13 already scheduled. Many use MicroPython.

MicroPython on the Playdate

MicroPython on the Playdate

Christian Walther demonstrates MicroPython running on the Playdate!

He recently published his repository pew-playdate. I’m itching to try it out! Christian’s goal is to be able to get “Pew Pew” games running on the Playdate.



Salvatore Sanfilippo, aka Antirez, has been digging into MicroPython.

This is just in the last month…


The Walter Crowd Supply is now live!

Your oscilloscope may run MicroPython…


Use MicroPython to script your DSO!

This is a Gwinstek MPO-2000 Oscilloscope



Peter Practicus Level Crossing


Sebastien’s: Use your M5Dial to display nearby flights.

Quick Bytes

Quick Bytes

Closing Thoughts

Bitluni built the worlds most complex (spoiler) Rickroll:

Uri Shaked designed a SkullFET; a transistor in the shape of a skull and crossbone! Github

Midjourney fun


Written on April 24, 2024