April 2019 meetup

Matt Trentini presented the news roundup, Damien George, to celebrate MicroPython’s 6th birthday, presented a fun talk about the Early Days of MicroPython. Peter Boin covered uPyTester a library he’s created to perform Hardware-in-the-Loop testing.

News roundup

PyBoard D

  • Small, powerful, low-power microcontroller
  • STM32 F7 series: 216MHz
  • Currently 3 variants
    • 512KB-2MB flash, 256KB-512KB RAM
    • One has high speed USB
  • WiFi/Bluetooth 4.1
  • Plenty of GPIO/peripherals
  • Breadboard/castellation/headers

Season of Docs

  • MicroPython has applied to Google for their first Season of Docs
  • It’s an effort to improve documentation for Open Source projects
  • Read our proposal
  • Some of the ideas
    • Restructure common/port specific
    • Improve documentation for existing ports
    • Getting Started guide
    • Developer documentation

MicroPython video tutorials

Lego <3’s MicroPython

PyCon AU 2019

  • August 2-6 @ ICC Sydney
  • Call for Proposals now open
    • Opened April 3, closes May 5
    • Mentors available
    • 30 min talks
  • Specialist tracks
    • Education, Django, Security and Privacy and Science and Data


TinyPICO update

  • Matte black
  • Shields!
    • Play Board
    • Proto shield
    • RTC shield
    • Audio shield
    • Grove I2C shield
    • IO expander shield?
  • Launching soon™ on Crowd Supply

Happy Birthday MicroPython

  • ‘Born’ 29th April 2013
  • Six years old next week

Early Days Of MicroPython

Happy Birthday MicroPython!

April 29, 2019 is the sixth ‘birthday’ of MicroPython. At the April Melbourne Meetup, Damien George, creator of MicroPython, delves into his archives and shows the earliest code and notes about the goals of the language. The material pre-dates the first git commit!

Listen in as Damien reveals how and why the language began and evolved. It’s a nice way to celebrate MicroPython’s sixth birthday!


Peter Boin talks about uPyTester, his MicroPython library to perform Hardware In The Loop testing.

Check out the uPyTester documentation and uPyTester Github repository.

Written on April 24, 2019