A Taste of MicroPython

Damien George, Matt Trentini and Nick Moore presented A Taste of MicroPython at MPUG on the 6 August 2018.

Seemed to be well received by the Melbourne Pythonistas! Plenty of interest and questions as well as much poking and prodding of hardware after the talk.

Thanks to Ed Schofield and the MPUG crew for being lovely hosts.


Python can be used for a vast range of tasks like web development, data science and machine learning. With MicroPython, embedded development can now be added to the domains in which Python excels.

Come along and listen to the creator of MicroPython - and two converts! - explain why the language was created and how it manages to run on resource-constrained microcontrollers. Demonstrations will showcase effective applications for the language and explain why MicroPython is compelling in the embedded space.

Note: There will be time, during or after pizza, to ask questions and tinker with some hardware. Bring a laptop if you’d like to play with a microcontroller!

Written on August 6, 2018