March 25 Linktastic MicroPython

Collection of recent MicroPython links

PyBoard D


  • The big news is, of course, PyBoard D is now for sale!
    • STM32F7 216MHz Cortex M7, 512KB internal flash, 256KB RAM, 2MB external flash, WiFi, Bluetooth, microSD, lots of GPIO (46+11), great peripheral support
    • Small (34x24mm) with well thought-through mech; mount on dense connectors or castellated or using pins
    • Three variants of the board, effectively with different MCU’s
      • Some of the differences: single/double precision floats, USB, more RAM/flash
    • One of the best features: you can expect exceptional support from Damien

New Espressif chip coming “soonish”


  • A new Espressif chip is in the works
    • Looks like at least more GPIO and native USB
    • Rumour mill is working overtime on this!
    • Also see the recent Hackaday podcast where Espressif’s Ivan Grothotkov is interviewed

OpenMV Cam shipping

OpenMV Cam

  • The OpenMV Cam H7 has started shipping
    • STM32H7 400MHz, 1MB RAM, 2MB flash, USB, microSD, bunch of GPIO



  • Electronut Labs are doing a small production run of Blip their nRF52840 dev board with debugger and sensors

Seeed releases IoT products


HiFive 1 Rev B


Written on March 25, 2019