March 19 Linktastic MicroPython

Collection of recent MicroPython links

Big ticket items


  • TinyPICO Coming Soon page now online!
    • Seon and Matt expect the campaign to go live soon…
  • Cross-platform Bluetooth support PR #4589
    • Long awaited support for Bluetooth finally starting to appear - still early days
    • Basic advertising support working on ESP32, nRF5x, micro:bit ports - with PyBoard D coming soon


  • Ronoth LoDev S76S campaign is live
    • As covered in the February meetup
    • LoRa dev board featuring the interesting S76S system-in-a-package (SX1276+STM32L073)
    • Ronoth are hoping to run MicroPython on the micro though it’s going to be very tight!
      • 192KB flash, 20KB RAM (eek!)


  • Liveness Detection with OpenCV
    • A fascinating article discussing how to implement a facial recognition system that can detect fake faces
    • Currently not using MicroPython but ought to be possible with the soon-to-be-delivered OpenMV H7 or Sipeed MAIX
  • Sipeed MAIX
    • MNIST demo
      • The classic neural net - detect numbers from handwriting. FAST.
    • Spectacular NES emulator (in MicroPython) demo


Written on March 19, 2019