March 10 Linktastic MicroPython

Collection of recent MicroPython links


  • Arch Mix
    • A new powerful board based on the NXP i.MX RT1052 (Cortex M7, 600MHz!) has been announced
    • Rich set of peripherals, relatively small (67mm x 39 mm)
    • MicroPython apparently available already
    • Very affordable at US$30, available now from Seeed
  • M5Stack M5StickC
    • ‘Limited trial’ release of the new M5StickC
      • US$1! The catch: Use any existing M5Stack product to make an application and take some photos/video to be eligible to purchase
      • Still runs MicroPython
      • Small; 48x21x14mm, same size as current models
      • But more hardware: Colour 80x160 LCD, 6-axis IMU, microphone, 2x buttons, Grove port, 80mAH battery and 8-pin external header
  • SparkFun ESP32 Thing Plus
    • A new ESP32 board from Sparkfun in the Adafruit Feather form-factor
      • Builds on Sparkfun’s older ESP32 Thing
    • Qwiic connecter, 16MB flash, battery charge circuit
    • US$21
  • Pygate
    • Pycom announced that the Pygate is now available for pre order
    • 8-channel LoRaWAN gateway built as a shield for any of the Pycom WiPy3.0, LoPy4 or GPy
    • PoE as an option
    • ~US$56 (or ~US$79 w PoE)
      • Cheap for an 8-channel gateway


  • Nimpy
    • Nimpy is a Nim-Python bridge; can call Nim code from Python and vice versa
    • Maintainer is considering adding support for building native MicroPython libraries using Nim
      • If you are interested get in touch!
  • brother_ql
    • A python module to print labels using a wide range of Brother Label printers
    • Matt has a need for this and has investigated porting to MicroPython; looks feasible, work has started
      • Wifi label printing would be super useful from an embedded device!


Written on March 10, 2019