April 8 Linktastic MicroPython

Collection of recent MicroPython links

MicroPython #2


Pokitto and the online MicroPython editor


  • Pokitto is a DIY gaming gadget that runs MicroPython
  • Recently the team released their online Python Editor for Pokitto
    • As well as regular MicroPython code, the editor supports the upygame gaming library created for Pokitto and simulates the hardware!
    • Some of the intersting features of the editor are that it supports color selection, pixel drawing and playing sounds

Femto’s ESP32/Coincell effort


Miguel Grinberg has discovered MicroPython


PyCon AU 2019


  • PyCon AU has recently announced their Call for Proposals
    • If you’d like to talk at PyCon AU - and I recommend it! - go register to give a talk
    • If you’re keen to talk about MicroPython let me know and I’ll help out :)
    • I’m considering register for a Deep Dive
Written on April 8, 2019