April 1 Linktastic MicroPython

Collection of recent MicroPython links

MicroPython #1


  • Seon’s put together a Let’s get started guide to MicroPython
    • Covers writing flash, making a serial connection and using RShell to copy files to your device
  • “#1” so more coming? :)

ESP32 Pi Hat-compatible board




  • WiPhone is a neat-looking ESP32-powered VoIP phone designed for hackers and makers
    • A handful of daughter boards are available and the mechanics are open-sourced so you can build your own
  • Kickstarter is active now
  • Runs MicroPython

Sipeed MAIX news

SipeedMaixMmu SipeedGroveHat

  • The SiPeed MAIX MMU is now working
    • It allows the new dual-core RISC-V microcontroller to access large memory banks, treating secondary storage as RAM
    • Makes it even possible to run Linux on the device…
  • Sipeed also released a couple of MicroPython MaixPy demos - face detection and MNIST number detection
  • Seeed announced that they are building a RPi Hat with the Sipeed MAIX at the heart and are collecting community feedback about the design

Dadamachines Doppler


  • Smoosh together a SAMD51 M4 Microcontroller and a Lattice ICE40 FPGA together and you get the Doppler
    • Designed for exploring music hardware
    • Doesn’t yet run Python on the micro but it’s only a matter of time…



Pycom Tour


  • Pycom are going on a world tour and are inviting folks to join them to hack on projects with their hardware
    • In their words: “If you’re an enterprise developer, hobbyist, hardware hacker or software engineer looking to take your skills and expertise to the next level, learning new skills related to Industrial Internet of Things, LPWAN or Cellular networking technology, then THIS IS YOUR INVITATION to do just that.”
    • AUD$80 to attend and that includes a Pycom kit
Written on April 1, 2019